West Kildonan Wellness offers a variety of workshops for people of all ages. Our workshops are available for individuals, couples, and even workplaces for professional development opportunities.


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Mindful Awareness Workshop

Diminishing Unhappiness Through Mindful Awareness

The Mindful Awareness Workshop is an evidence-based program for people living with symptoms of depression of a chronic lack of happiness. This workshop combines concepts of cognitive behavioural therapy with mindfulness practices and attitudes.

Empowerment Workshop

Empowering from Within

Genuine empowerment is when the outward expression of what we truly want to be/do/have in life is in line with our inner experience. When we learn to create meaningful change to our inner world, we can also learn to be in touch with it and learn to express it in our outer world. 


Parenting Workshop

Parenting Positively and Effectively

Parenting in a positive and effective manner takes hard work and practice. It involves being constructive, building positive relationships with children, and promoting your children to be resilient. While there's no manual on how to be a good parent, there are some ways to enhance the parent-child relationship as well as promoting positive development and behaviour in children through positive parenting techniques. 

Introduction to being Financially Responsible

Why do we live Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque?

Many individuals admit living pay cheque to pay cheque and feeling stress in relation to their financial security. This workshop assists individuals in developing an awareness about their financial situation and learning about being financially responsible and disciplined. 


Working through Excessive Worrying

Anxiety is a state of mind where we can experience worry and fear. Our experience of anxiety can range in intensity. All people experience anxiety and it is a natural human emotion in response to pain or threat.  

Emotion Regulation

Working through Big Emotions

Emotions are a normal part of everyday life and everyone experiences them. Emotion regulation is the process of managing our emotions in response to external events, and dealing with them in an effective and healthy manner, however positive or negative they may be. However, sometimes emotions become so big we don't know what to do with them or how to handle them. 
Emotion Regulation

Anger Management

Working through Big Emotions

The purpose of this group is to help individuals look at ways to manage anger and make it work for them. Individuals will learn to develop healthy coping mechanisms and constructive ways to express themselves.

Energy Integration Evenings

Integrating Opposites

Energy integration evenings involve discussion of concepts on the leading edge of science and metaphysics which relate to the human spirit or soul. We exist fundamentally in a system of energy and understanding this system dynamic provides us with greater clarity consciousness and a fuller experience in life. 

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