Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuji” meaning “to join” or “unite” our bodies, mind, and spirit. For thousands of years people have been practicing yoga for spiritual purposes. It has now evolved into a practice suitable for all ages and levels. Recent scientific studies have even shown benefits beyond finding nirvana, the outcome of ancient Yoga gurus.

Some benefits include:

-increased energy and vitality

-cardio and circulatory health

-regulates blood pressure

-improves posture

-regulates cortisol levels (stress hormone)

-improved immune function

-lowers blood sugar

-relaxes your whole body (organs and all!)

-improves quality of sleep (sleep is where your body heals itself)

During a 60 minute yoga class you’ll gain all of that plus more. Your practice will start with a guided meditation to bring your mind and body into a state of relaxation. You'll then move into the “asana” (physical movement) portion of your practice, with gentle stretches that will build into a collection of standing, balancing, and strengthening poses. All of which can be adapted to your body’s comfort level. The intent of each practice is to move within your own “vocabulary”.

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